In the short period since Aloka’s integration into Hitachi Medical Systems, their collaborative effort has been extremely successful. The Arietta 70 and 60 were unveiled at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) 2014. The new-generation ultrasound systems were extremely well received by doctors attending the Congress, who said that the new platform was extremely powerful and user-friendly.

The fruitful amalgamation of Hitachi and Aloka sought out, and created a compact ultrasound platform that excels in image quality, image processing and advanced applications.

The new Arietta platform is lightweight, mobile, and at the same time feature-rich.

-Real-time Virtual Sonography- which gives doctors the ability to simultaneously view ultrasound images and images of other modalities (CT, MRI)

-Real-time Tissue Elastography

-2D-Tissue Tracking for dynamic assessment of myocardial contractility

New user-friendly features:

-10.5” touch screen display

-21” IPS-Pro monitor

-Ergonomic features: palm rest at the center of the console, lower panel height to allow operators to perform examinations with ease.

All of these advanced features and applications offer a powerful, easy to use ultrasound system that show off the technological prowess of Hitachi Aloka Medical.

We hope to see more exciting innovations from the joint effort of Hitachi and Aloka.