A leader in medical imaging technologies, Analogic, announced that the BK Ultrasound brand, is being recharged with a high-powered machine, the BK3000. Analogic boasts a threefold increase in resolution and image quality, compared to conventional machines, enabled by patented TriCoreTM architecture which uses a new approach with a fast GPU (graphics processing unit), AMD Embedded RadeonTM HD 7850. 

This combination of software and hardware makes the BK3000 an impressive addition to the BK Ultrasound brand, addressing the demands for interventional and image-guided procedures.

TriCore architecture is based on GPUs, considerably more robust and efficient, compared to conventional CPU-based architecture. This allows for improved contrast for tissue visualization and border definition. TriCore also gives a significant boost to frame rates for superb visualization of moving structures. “By bringing Analogic’s world renowned technology to BK Ultrasound, we introduced the most powerful and portable deep imaging ultrasound system designed to address new clinical challenges in interventional and image guidance applications,” said Jacques Coumans, Ph.D., Analogic’s chief marketing and scientific officer. “The bk3000 is the gateway to future real-time image guided diagnostic and therapeutic procedures with technologies we pioneer and deliver to leading institutions around the world.”