The unyielding, abnormal growth of cells is known as cancer. These atypical cells can divide, grow and invade other tissues and organs. Treatment is often complex and difficult to bear for the patient. Developing new strategies, including innovations in medical technologies is a must if we are to stay in the battle against cancer.

A world leader in radiotherapy and radiosurgery platforms, Varian, has recently unveiled the Vitalbeam system that will be an addition to the popular systems Varian offers. Vitalbeam will be right in the middle between the flagship Truebeam and the more affordable Unique system. Vitalbeam is a state of the art platform that is fully upgradeable and modular.

"VitalBeam leverages the best of our technology, incorporating many of the innovations we developed for our popular TrueBeam® radiosurgery system to enhance precision, safety, and speed of treatment," said Kolleen Kennedy, president of Varian's Oncology Systems business.  "It is a flexible and upgradeable system that affordably meets the clinical needs of our customers today and as they grow in the future."  

Vitalbeam will come standard with an 80-leaf collimator for intensity-modulated radiation therapy (iMRT), low-dose megavoltage (MV) imaging using the linear accelerator beam for image guidance and respiratory gating for dealing with motion blur. This system allows clinics and hospitals to customize their radiotherapy suite with a number of possible upgrades. They include a 120-leaf high-resolution collimator, RapidArc technology for faster iMRT, kV imaging, configurable photon and electron energies and kV conebeam CT (3D and 4D capable). This is a great advantage as obviously some budgets won’t allow an institution to acquire all the bells and whistles right away.

Performing radiation therapy with Vitalbeam is a breeze because it has a built-in graphical guidance system that is easy to use and reduces the likelihood of error on the part of the operator. The interface prompts and guides the operator and has automatic functions that lessen workload.

Vitalbeam is a next-generation radiotherapy platform that streamlines treatment delivery to maximize effectiveness and workflow. It’s an upgradeable system, which is perfect for clinics on a tight budget that want to expand their capabilities in the future.