Philips is introducing Lumify, an ultrasound technology that connects to a compatible smartphone or tablet running Android, using it as a proxy to display an interface that will be familiar to most techs and doctors. Philips managed to make the transducer with a micro-USB plug so that by simply downloading the app, you can connect the transducer and start using it, without any additional accessories.

Handy features and modern cloud integration

Although it’s mostly intended for emergency medicine and as an urgent bedside ultrasound tool, it can also be used in other clinical settings. It’s a true plug and use system. What’s more is that Philips included a special platform as a bundle with the application that allows healthcare professionals to upload, share and save clinical images and findings to a cloud service. This service, Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform, offers unprecedented instant connectivity to the cloud, where information is stored on secure servers.

“App-Based Ultrasound is a compelling vision, presenting healthcare professionals with a new way to provide on-demand point-of-care diagnostics in dynamic clinical environments,” said J. Christian Fox, MD, RDMS, FAIUM. “In heavily trafficked, high-stress environments such as the emergency department, access to technology like App-Based Ultrasound that can promptly direct treatment is critical to both the provider and patient in achieving positive health outcomes.”

A crystal clear picture of the future with Philips Lumify

This smartphone ultrasound technology is truly eye-opening and goes to show that performing an ultrasound exam doesn’t always have to involve heavy, cumbersome machines. Perhaps someday doctors will carry around a Philips Lumify transducer and will have a compatible device with the Lumify app on it just like they carry around stethoscopes today. Having an ultrasound machine in your pocket is a tech junkie’s dream, and most of all - it saves lives!

Jurij Sarkisov, Doktor, Unternehmen BiMedis