At RSNA 2014 in Chicago, Siemens has unveiled the new Magnetom Amira 1.5T MRI system. It was designed for fast scans, superior patient comfort and energy saving capabilities.

The new system includes an array of exceptional features including: Quiet Suite – Improve patient experience with reduction sound pressure by up to 97% with no decrease in quality of images and exam times.

Eco-mode – Lower power consumption by up to 30 percent with smart helium cooling, prevents helium from boiling off.

Quick exam times – Streamline your workload with high speed protocols for fast examinations.

Cross-compatibility – Most coils can be used in current 1.5T systems and if a hospital or clinic has other Siemens scanners, technicians can easily switch between systems.

Superior coil technology – With Tim 4G coils you get higher speed and signal to noise ratio (SNR). The Body 13 surface coil allows scanning of the prostate without a separate endorectal coil.

Dynamic imaging tools – With the help of powerful features like FREEZEit, which combines Twist-Vibe, Star Vibe and CAIPIRINHA, users will have unprecedented dynamic imaging capabilities with limited breath-holds.